Not brushing your teeth before you go to bed ‘increases your risk of silent killer’

July 06, 2023 - by chrisq - in Health

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Not brushing your teeth before bed ‘increases your chances of getting cardiovascular disease’

Non-smokers who only brush their teeth in the morning, as well as those who do not brush their teeth at all, are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, new research has suggested

Those who do not brush their teeth before going to bed are more more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, a study has found.

Researchers who studied 1,675 patients over a three year period found morning-only brushers and those who didn’t do it at all were worse off than those who brush at night.

The patients, all 20 and over, were split into four groups based on their oral hygiene habits; people who brushed twice a day (once after waking up and once before bed), those who only brushed in the morning, people who only did it at night, and those who did not practice oral hygiene at all.

The 1,675 patients, who visited the Osaka University Hospital in Japan between April 2013 and March 2016 for examination, surgery, or treatment, also allowed their age, gender, smoking history, dental and medical records to be taken into account.of the TEETH of dead loved ones

The results, published in Nature’s journal Scientific Reports, show non-smokers who only brush their teeth in the morning, as well as those who do not brush their teeth at all, had the worst prognosis when hospitalised with a cardiovascular health problem.

People who brushed twice daily and those who brushed only at night had higher survival rates.

People are being urged to brush their teeth to maintain good health

“The findings clearly indicate that only brushing in the morning after waking up is inadequate and that brushing at night is good to maintain good health,” the author of the study said, as reported by The Sun.

“Although our findings are limited to cardiovascular diseases and cannot be applied to healthy individuals, they indicate that brushing teeth at night is important.

“To prevent cardiovascular diseases, brushing teeth before breakfast is necessary, but most important is brushing teeth at night before going to bed.”

The report concluded that lingering bacteria in the mouth is most likely to blame for inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to serious health problems like cardiovascular disease.

The news comes after the Harvard School of Public Health encouraged people to drink four common fruit drinks as a way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The health body said it was vital people consumed foods and drinks high in potassium, as the mineral works to remove sodium from the body, something which raises blood pressure.

“Sodium and potassium are two interrelated minerals that play major roles in regulating blood pressure and a healthy heart. Eating less salty foods and more potassium-rich foods may significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease,” the body said.

“Potassium is found in many foods, especially fruits, vegetables, legumes, and low-fat dairy. But eating a lot of sodium-rich foods especially from processed breads, packaged snacks, canned goods, and fast-food meals while skimping on potassium can increase cardiovascular disease risk.”

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